Capturing music is not a new thing, it has been done for many decades now, it all started with vinyl’s and from that, it has advanced with technology to a far better product called CD. Nowadays, CDs are very popular because they don’t have any competition really other than USB flash drives. However, they will never be able to replace CDs because they just don’t offer the same feeling as a collectible CD.

Modern Age

We are living in a modern age where everything is done the help of a computer or at least some type of technology. Technology has advanced to a level where we just cannot live without it, people would be lost without computers and smartphones. CDs are just another side of that technology that has been advancing through the years. Music has found CDs as a very easy way to be shared and played all around the world. They are replacing the old vinyl records for few reasons, they are far more compact and easier to be carried around.

Vinyl is usually big and they are not capable of containing the same amount of music as CD. Also, nobody uses or have a device that can play vinyl records. However, everyone has a computer that can play music from CD. Therefore, it is a far better option to use and produce music on CDs. Just as Vinyl’s, CDs also have some unique collectibles that everyone wants to own. Owning one of those collectibles is not easy mostly because it is so highly desirable and there are not many of them in the world. Usually, the people that own these special collectible items are the ones that have offered and paid the most money for it.

Diverse Collection

We are a music store that is selling all kinds of things related to music, but as you might know, we have been always focusing a little more on selling music CDs. That was one of the first things that we have sold in our shop and that was definitely the thing that made us so popular. Nowadays, we have people visiting our shop from all around the world just to see in person our music CD collection. Through the many years of working, we have gathered a lot of different CDs from many artists. We have never focused on one music genre, we always had an open eye for everything and we have been selling everything from opera to metal.

We also, have an online store where you can see or purchase any of the CDs that we currently have in stock. You have to remember to visit us regularly because we are always updating our store with new CDs and other music related products such as various instruments and equipment that goes with it.