Author: Brandon S. Sanchez

2ND Hand Music Collectibles

Probably the most popular section in our entire music shop is the 2nd hand section where we are selling all kinds of used music CDs and DVDs. This might sound odd because all of the products in this section are used, but the great thing about them that actually gathers so many people is the rarity of some of the CDs. Some of the CDs that we are selling here cannot be found anywhere else in the entire world. Usually the rarer the product the faster it will sell even if the price is high. That is simply how...

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Capture Your Favourite Artist on CD

Capturing music is not a new thing, it has been done for many decades now, it all started with vinyl’s and from that, it has advanced with technology to a far better product called CD. Nowadays, CDs are very popular because they don’t have any competition really other than USB flash drives. However, they will never be able to replace CDs because they just don’t offer the same feeling as a collectible CD. Modern Age We are living in a modern age where everything is done the help of a computer or at least some type of technology. Technology...

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