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Welcome to CDmax.co.uk, the best British online directory of CD and music stores. Here we aim to list all of the best cheap CD and cheap music stores catering for the UK market.

There are areas dedicated to the best ways of buying from the USA (including our guide to shipping, excise duty, and taxes), the cheapest stores in the UK. All of the sites have a brief review, including prices, shipping details, and other relevant information. If you are looking to buy cheap CDs or music online, CDmax should make your task a whole lot easier.

Most likely we have the CD that you are looking for because as you might know, we have one of the biggest collection of music CDs. Other than just having CDs, we have moved on to some more serious things as music equipment and instruments. So, if you are a musician, you must visit our store because we have some of the most special and diverse music inventory.

The best thing about our music store is that we are extremely cheap. If you are looking for a cheap way to purchase music equipment or instruments then we are your best choice. However, that doesn’t mean that we are not selling quality products, in fact, we have some of the most popular brands in our store. Quality is something that we are pursuing from day one and we will never give up on it because we know that quality is something that each of our customers is looking for.