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About The Store

We are a very special music store because we have a lot of unique things that are related to music, from CDs to musical instruments. Our store is equipped with a variety of products, everyone can find something for themselves. We have a vast collection of famous and unique CDs which you can’t find anywhere else. Music is very diverse, that’s why we are trying to stay diverse also and provide as many unique and varying products as we can.


What we Offer



CDs are one of the things that we are known for mostly because we have one of the largest collection of music CDs available. You can find even some collectible pieces that are unique and special to someone.


Music Equipment

Music Equipment is something that is a must have if you own a music shop. We have musicians visiting us from around the world just to be able to purchase our equipment. The music equipment that we sell is top quality and covers everything from capos to snare drums.


Instruments that we are selling are all very quality and specially designed. You can find some very nice pieces in our instrument collection. We have anything from acoustic guitars to electric, drum sets, keyboards and many other things.


Online Store

We have to keep up with the advancing world, therefore we have created an online store which offers everything that our regular store. So, if you are not capable of visiting our store, you can just visit our online store and purchase whatever you need. The online store has been a great success because nowadays people like to buy things online from their homes.



Our Services

We offer a variety of services, for example, if you order from our online store, we will deliver the product to you within two working days depending on where you live. Also, we are offering our professional advice if you need one about an instrument or CD that you want to purchase. We will try to give you as much information about the product as we can.



Capture Your Favourite Artist on CD

Capture Your Favourite Artist on CD

Capturing music is not a new thing, it has been done for many decades now, it all started with vinyl’s and from that, it has advanced with technology to a far better product called CD. Nowadays, CDs are very popular because they don’t have any competition really other...

2ND Hand Music Collectibles

2ND Hand Music Collectibles

Probably the most popular section in our entire music shop is the 2nd hand section where we are selling all kinds of used music CDs and DVDs. This might sound odd because all of the products in this section are used, but the great thing about them that actually...

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